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Petek, 16 Januar 2015

Kang Lee - lastnik bostonov, ki skejtajo

Kang Lee je v Franciji živeč lastnik treh boston terierjev, ki znajo skejtati, voziti skiro, skakati in hoditi po ovirah, sprednjih tacah in še mnogo več. Zanimalo nas je predvsem, na kakšen način uči svoje bostone trikov in koliko časa nameni treningu. Zaradi pristnosti odgovorov objavljamo intervju v angleškem jeziku, spodaj pa si lahko ogledate nekaj videoposnetkov, med drugim tudi prispevek, ki je bil objavljen na National Geographic.


Tell us something about yourself.

My name is Kang and I have been retired for 6 months. I was a network and telecommunication Manager at a national company. I am the owner of 3 Boston Terriers Tuxedo 8, Mia 3 and Guizmo 1 year. I consider them my children and my friends.

Where does your story with your dogs start? 

My story with my dogs started 8 years ago in 2006 when my son came to visit us during the summer and brought Tuxedo and a clicker as gifts to my wife. The clicker is a small box that makes a metallic sound 'click!' when pressed. At that time, I had no knowledge about dog training so I bought books about how to train canine. I was also able to learn on the internet how to properly educate the dog with a positive and friendly approach. This method is called Clicker Training. By spending time with each other Tuxedo started learning this method which allowed me to better communicate with him and for him to learn the messages I wanted to convey quicker. As time progresses, Tuxedo was very motivated to discover and learn new tricks.

Tuxedo was boston number one. Where did the other two pack members come from?kang-lee-boston-terriers-skateboarding 01

In 2008 when Tuxedo was 2 years old, I went looking for a second Boston Terrier Neo and in 2011 I decided to take a third Mia to form a large family. But sadly, in 2012 Neo left us at the age of 4 years following an operation which was supposed to improve his health but Neo had succumbed to complications post op. It was a year after the death of Neo in 2013 when I went to look for Guizmo. That's how the pack was formed. 

How much time per day do you dedicate learning tricks with your dogs? 

Let's talk about the daily activities of my dogs. Before I retired I went out 2 times a day the dogs whenever it took 45 minutes during this walk which I sought to develop physical activities by skateboarding, Frisbee, scooter, jumps on urban buildings etc ... 

Why this kind of sports?

Many people ask me this question why do skateboard and scooter my dogs. Because I was always attracted by extreme sports. I was rollerblading with my children when I was younger and why not dogs! Besides skateboarding and scooter, I also like to imagine new tricks to communicate to them as skimboard, walk on two front legs, doing somersaults etc .. 

Do you consider yourself a dog trainer?

This question happens to me often. My answer is no, I am a single owner of three adorable, affectionate Boston Terrier players. If you see your boston terrier able to skateboard, scooter, Frisbee and do fun tricks, just be patient, love and tolerance with them. 

Would you suggest our boston terrier lovers a source where they can learn tricks with their bostons?

Regarding the method of the clicker training, you will find full information on the internet. There is a site which provides training this method

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